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Contact Details Tel: 01373 824466 Fax: 01373 824321
Tumblewood Community provides a service to children that encompasses their emotional, physical, social and educational needs.
Each child lives as part of the group and shares in the day-to-day activities that are common to the lives of children generally. This includes eating together, sharing activity and leisure times, meeting and thinking together and developing interests and hobbies.
We aim to help all young people in placement to attend to and struggle with the daily task of their experiences of trauma within a safe, consistent and stimulating environment.
Our belief is that children with the multiple needs which children at Tumblewood have gained through adversity, survival and sheer determination to find their place in the world are individuals with unique qualities. As such they have the entitlement to:
• Be safe, happy and stimulated.
• Be given opportunities to develop and achieve.
• Enjoy dignity, freedom,life and fun.
• Have their physical, emotional and psychological health needs met
• Be cared for in appropriate ways through nurture, warmth, congruence and understanding with truthful challenge and safe regard for the whole of their person.
The Community is divided into five dwellings. The House, Bungalow,Annexe,Pool Room and The Stable. The provision accommodates up to 14 young people who are monitored closely by a high levels of staff. Dependant on the individual needs and programme of each child at the appropriate time children will work through their daily programme which includes an Independent Living Programme.
Each young person is allocated a Key worker and Therapist to assist and support her through her programme at Tumblewood. Through Key working the young people get a sense of their route through life, recognise themselves as separate individuals and face some of the thoughts in their heads and make sense of their experiences. Life Story work will be undertaken at an appropriate time following a period of assessment.
  Tumblewood Community is committed to ensure that everyone has a right to be treated equally, fairly and with respect, regardless of background, race, religion or ability. To treat people equally, with dignity and respect and it is important to listen to them, take account of their views and wishes and to speak out when we see them being treated unfairly. Diversity is actively promoted through Education, Project weeks and Celebration days.