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The therapeutic programme runs in conjunction with the education and care programme.

The therapeutic programme aims to:

Assess and stabilise attachment, mental health needs resulting from responses to trauma
Encourage healthy attachment patterns and emotional congruence.
Develop effective relationships with adults and peers.
Promote independence and integration through self awareness and identifying self limiting beliefs.
Reduce high risk behaviour and identify new strategies
for keeping safe and coping with distress.
Raise levels of self awareness and self-esteem.

Improve cognitive reasoning and develop problem solving skills.
Improve interpersonal skills and encourage peer group support.
Increase ability to manage internal anxiety and improve emotional resilience.

therapeutic programme consists of a variety of groups and workshops delivered
within the daily timetable and through project weeks organised during term time breaks from education. A wide selection of educational and therapeutic activities are used with individuals and groups to provide young people with maximum learning opportunities for personal change, thrapeutic encounter and social development. The programme caters for young people with a wide variety of abilities and individual requirements at various stages of their self development in placement. All programmes both individual and group are experiential in nature, fun and focused on connecting with issues which are beneath the surface.


The Therapeutic programme is developed by the staff team at Tumblewood in conjunction with our
professional consultants who support and contribute to the Therapeutic Programme. The staff team at Tumblewood have wide and varied qualifications and experience including staff qualified in social work, psychology, group analysis, counselling, teaching, creative arts, youth work and NVQ3/4 in child care. endeavour to co-construct interventions which are Integrative by nature and promote personal and menaingful Encounter with children.
The Therapeutic Programme adopts an Child centred and Child focused approach and draws on the central concepts from the following schools of psychotherapy and social work; Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioural therapy, Attachment theory, Transactional Analysis, Group analysis, Gestalt, Counselling and Relational Schools. Within this setting it is our experience that experiential and artistic interventions of Music, Art, Play and Action Methods serve the children well in their journey of recovery.
A number of Consultants support the work of staff in their work with children. The Psychiatrist
provides regular on site consultation to the staff team and reviews each young person's case on an individual basis and offers to meet with the young person to assess their needs as appropriate. Full Psychiatric reports can be provided subject to agreement with the young person and the placing authority. An Educational Psychologist, Forensic Psychologist and Speech and Language Therapist assess the children through standardised testing and report back during the assessment period with annual re-testing to demonstrate progress. These tests provide the structure and frame interventions for care planning and on going work with children.
The Play Therapist, Dramatherapist, Art Therapist and Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist work
within groups and individually with workers and Counsellors to connect with the unconscious, the unsaid and help children to find their voice and take steps to begin their journeys of identity formation.
Clinical case discussions are held on a weekly basis with input from observations and assessment
from the staff team and professional consultants. Risk assessment and placement plans are duly updated. Staff training on a weekly basis works on the transferential issues of working alongside and working with and in the chaos which emerges from abusive and traumatic experiences. This work is supported with external training courses, organisational/group analysis and coaching using the framework of Psychodrama.